Wood-Metal Industries

Tropical Storm Lee Causes Causes High Flood Water

Located along a portion of Penn’s Creek, lies Wood-Metal Industries. Nestled in the Central Susquehanna Valley, the property where Wood-Metal Industries is located has experienced its fair share of floods in the past 3-4 decades. Tropical Storm Lee in September, 2011 caused record flooding that was the second highest in the area since the flooding caused by hurricane Agnes in 1972. The crew at Wood-Metal spent hours preparing for the predicted crest to sneak at least 1-2 feet of water into the first floor of the plant and office facility. Susquehanna River crested at the local town of Sunbury on September, 9th 2011 at about 6 a.m. at 31.66 feet vs. the predicted 34.88 feet. Fortunately Wood-Metal sustained minimal flood damage to the property lawns and parking lot areas.