Wood-Metal Industries

Wood-Metal Secures Selinsgrove Area School Project

In order to implement All-Day Kindergarten into their curriculum, the Selinsgrove Area School District began to contemplate expansion as well as consolidation of its elementary school facilities in early 2005. The result of this process was the decision to mothball the Jackson-Penn School located out of town and to renovate and expand the existing elementary facility on Broad Street in Selinsgrove, thus placing all students on one campus. Development of the plans for the new and improved facility began in earnest in 2006 and 2007 with final approval by the Board of Directors and groundbreaking occurring in June 2008. Bids were submitted by a number of casework providers, with Wood-Metal Industries at 100 East Sherman Street in Selinsgrove receiving the final bid. Wood-Metal Industries, a division of Wood-Mode Inc., has serviced the educational, institutional, and laboratory market for over 40 years. The plant offers conceptually designed furniture to meet the storage and working needs of today’s modern labs and schools. The specifications for the project consisted of around 90 rooms totaling 1,200 total cabinets. Approximately 80% of the contract amount was for casework and 20% for purchased products, such as countertops, sinks, faucets, keyboard trays, and installation. The project is a typical phased project with a number of different segments. Phase 1 casework was fabricated in December 2008 and installed early this year. Phase 2 is scheduled for fabrication in March with delivery and installation occurring in late spring. Currently there are three more phases scheduled for September and December 2009, and the spring of 2010. Installation of the casework is being handled locally by J & B Installations located near Selinsgrove.

Certification earns state reimbursement for school

One huge factor and point of interest involved in the elementary school project is the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification. The LEED rating system is a voluntary consensus-based national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings. Buildings rated under the LEED system achieve certification at one of four levels-Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum-depending on the number of points gained for performance in six categories: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resource, indoor environmental efficiency, and innovation and design process. Through cooperation with architects EI Associates and the school district, the project earned Silver Certification status, earning the district an additional 10% reimbursement from the state. Wood-Metal Engineering Manager Scott Groce states, “This is Wood-Metal’s first LEED-Silver Certification project. All material used for casework must come from within a 500-mile radius of our facility (be documented LEED compliant) and have no added urea formaldehyde.” In addition to the particleboard used in the casework, other green materials used in the cabinet installation include bamboo paneling in the reception area and IceStone countertops made from concrete and recycled glass. The most interesting LEED portion of the project may be the green roof, which is a vegetative roofing system controlling storm run-off and building temperatures. A number of other facets of the project are also environmentally friendly and contribute to Silver Certification. They include the energy efficient kitchen, low emitting construction materials, efficient plumbing fixtures, sustainable landscaping and storm water collection, construction waste management, raised access flooring, direct displacement air, and a highly-insulated building envelope to name a few.

First phase given thumbs up

Phase 1 of the project completed in January received positive feedback from a number of project personnel and Wood-Metal employees. Site Manager Chuck Knauff comments that the casework looks great and has been installed with no problems. J & B Installation manager Keith Musser adds, “The project is going real well and looks very nice.” The project also served as a learning experience for the employees of Wood-Metal Industries. Each employee toured the job site and examined the casework to gain on-the-job feedback regarding their contribution to the product. The visit to the school site was the first time many employees were able to view the product on the site and served as a real morale booster for current and future jobs. Although Wood-Metal has partnered with the school district by providing casework for other buildings in the Selinsgrove Area School District in the past, including the Intermediate and Middle Schools, those projects did not match the size and scope of the current Elementary School. Wood-Metal Industries is proud to provide a quality as well as an environmentally-friendly product to both local and national clients. Their ability to meet the LEED Certification criteria, together with Kreamer’s recognition in the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP), demonstrates the entire Company’s commitment to sound environmental management and sustainable practices.